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The Beginning - The Journey - The Experience

We believe it is more than just coincidence that you are here. Reading this. Now. It is more than just a few keys and clicks that has brought you to read this story. It is happening by design.

A chaotic but intricate web of events in your life and ours has finally brought us together- so let us not brush this sign aside with doubt.

You have doubted the supra-natural long enough. Maybe, It is time to have some faith.
Faith in your own Divine and ancient spirit. A spirit that contains all the answers but is left in doubt, by a mind that has forgotten where to look for peace and an ascended state.

The consultants at Jivan have come together serendipitously, from different parts of the world, endowed with gifts of instinct and abilities to screen/scan the beyonds for answers and remedies. We have joined hands sensing the immense amount of work to be done here in Dubai, to help people be the highest manifestation of themselves, taking inspiration and hope from this Oasis in the desert- we take what is available in you and make it better.

At Jivan we are proud to say that we have fulfilled our duty as messengers of the human soul. All those who have come to us seeking answers from different walks of life- Business leaders to homemakers and Politicians to fashion magnates and social Moguls have been put back in touch with the depths of their inner consciousness..

Our objective is and always will be enriching people's lives through knowledge they can use in their own environment. From Yoga and Meditation classes to Spiritual Response Therapy and Quantum Biofeedback sessions, we engage in all things spiritual and holistic. Every service offered at Jivan has a story to tell. In other words, we aspire to treat the body as a temple through mediums that nourish the soul.

Jivan has a distinction of inducing ‘Life in life’ for its clientele.

Our Holistic techniques will add many years to your life. While our spiritual techniques will add more life to every minute of those years.

Come. Join us.The universe is waiting to tell Your Story.

Alternate Therapies


Holistic Healing