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You are how you write

Deciphering roadblocks in your subconscious and striking them off

The style in which one writes is a form of subconscious expression that reveals one’s inner being. Your handwriting can provide an insight into your ambitions, ego and insecurities and show a part of you that you were unconscious about. Majority of our actions and decisions are made by a subconscious part of our brain. Because our handwriting is also largely subconscious, it reveals clues about our character. Letter formation, margins, pressure on page and even our signatures all offer pointers.
Graphology works because our entire nervous system is connected. So what goes on in the subconscious part of your brain reveals itself when you write. Our experts identify and analysing these hidden tendencies because this is a two-sided pathway. By suggesting changes in your writing patterns we can eventually create small changes in your subconscious and remove undesirable tendencies, almost like pulling a thorn out of your foot.

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