Jivan – Yoga & Wellness Center in Dubai | UAE
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At Jivan we are proud to say that we fulfill our duty as messengers of the human soul. All those who have come to us seeking answers from different walks of life - Business leaders to homemakers and Politicians to fashion magnates and social Moguls have been put back in touch with the depths of their inner consciousness
Jivan has a distinction of showing ‘Life in life’ to its clientele. Our physical techniques will add many years to your life. While our spiritual techniques will add more life to every minute of those years. Come. Join us. Explore Your Story.

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Alternative Therapies

These therapies seamlessly combine Eastern and the spiritual Western Practices to give you a comprehensive view of your cosmic presence.


Indian Astrology is one of the earliest known science of existence. Its accuracy when read by our renowned astrologers has been immaculate thus far.

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Tarot connects you to yourself in an uncanny way and people have been known to blossom and connect with their intuitions after readings with us.

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Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy allows us to counter individual problems by clearing the undesirable energies that your soul accumulates.

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Numerology uses numbers and alphabets to tap into cosmic patterns. Among the many ways to know the secrets of nature, numerology is the easiest and the simplest way to gather the unknowns

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Vaastu Shastra

Energy is around us everyday in every space we occupy, it drastically affects our state of mind, health and wellbeing. The good news is that most of these spaces can be re-maneuvered

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Deciphering roadblocks in your subconscious and striking them off

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Experience Holistic Healing at JIVAN

Holistic Healing goes beyond merely addressing symptoms, instead it uses them as a guide to fix the root cause of the problem. There are many types of holistic healing therapies and treatments available at Jivan, including those noted below


Yoga is considered the most natural way of healing a plethora of health issues. . Yoga, known to be the optimal stress-buster, has been largely effective in providing physical and psychological benefits alike.


Meditation, an extension of Yoga, is the ultimate way to reach a stage of consciousness where a person can address as well as heal psychological problems.

Quantum Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a method of treatment where a path-breaking instrument is used improve their health by using conscious and subconscious vibrations that their bodies produce. Practitioners of biofeedback use the treatment to heal both physical and psychological problems.


By inserting needles in specific points, acupuncture treats pains of the muscle. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine dated to create a balance in the flow of energy or life force.

Reiki Healing

Developed by a Japanese monk in the 1920’s, Reiki is an active healing process. The practitioners summon ‘Qi’(chi) energy and channel it using their palms to activate an internal and natural healing process. It is based on the principle of invisible energy that runs through us all and sustains us against all odds.

Sound Healing

Even when the body and mind are still and at peace, we continue to give out vibrations. Our sound healing practitioners use different instruments and voices to create physiological reactions that catalyze the secretion of free radical molecules in your body to affect pain transmission and control, aiding a self induced healing process in the body.<br />